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Are Ductless Mini Split Units The Best Option For Your Home?

Ductless mini split units

If you've been looking into hiring a professional heating contractor to install heating and cooling equipment for your home, then you've probably come across several options throughout your search. It can sometimes be difficult to determine which type of unit will be best for your property, and it's always a good idea to take a deeper look at all your choices in order to figure out what will best suit your individual needs. For some, an excellent choice for heating and cooling is a ductless mini split unit—and we've got all the information you'll need to get a better understanding of this option!

These Units Are Perfect For Room Additions Or Smaller Living Spaces

When you're initially determining whether or not ductless mini splits are the best option for your home, it's important to know about the ductwork in place on your property. Some homes do not have ductwork at all, and in the case of room additions for homes that do have ductwork in place, it may not reach the new room when all is said and done. In both of these instances, ductless mini splits are ideal. They're also great for any smaller living space due to the minimal invasiveness of both the units and the installation process!

These units don't require ductwork, and therefore make a great option for homes without it or for additional rooms that the existing unit won't reach. These ductless mini split units have both an outdoor unit and up to several indoor units that provide comfortable cooling for individual rooms or zones. The indoor units are put up on the wall, and they're connected to the outdoor unit through electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing. If you're looking for a fantastic, space-saving cooling option that provides individual control over several areas of your home, this is it!

Ductless Mini Splits Are An Incredibly Efficient Way To Keep Individual Rooms At The Perfect Temperature

One of the best things about ductless mini split units is the ability to have total control over the temperature in several individual zones of your home. With other types of units, when the AC is on, it's cooling down the entire house—even in rooms that nobody is occupying. With ductless mini split units, you can easily turn off the units in other areas of your home while still providing comfort wherever you happen to be.

To learn even more about these units to better determine whether they're right for you, then it's time to turn to a professional heating contractor for more information. And if your home is located in Middletown or the surrounding areas, give A-OK Heating and Air Conditioning a call today for the finest heating and cooling service in the Hudson Valley area!


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