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Heating Repair in Warwick NY

Heating Repair in Warwick NY

In Warwick, NY, our team at AOK Heating & Air Conditioning recently tackled a critical heat repair job for a homeowner. Facing issues with their heating system, we swiftly identified a malfunctioning hot surface ignitor and flame sensor.

Project Overview:

Service Provided: Hot Surface Ignitor & Flame Sensor Replacement

Location: Warwick, NY


The malfunctioning components jeopardized the efficiency and safety of the heating system, demanding immediate attention.

Our Solution:

Our expert technicians replaced the faulty parts with high-quality alternatives, ensuring optimal performance and safety.


Post-replacement, the heating system operated efficiently, providing reliable warmth to the homeowner while ensuring safety.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our prompt and reliable service left the homeowner fully satisfied, reaffirming our commitment to excellence.

Trust AOK Heating & Air Conditioning for all your heating repairs!

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Location: Warwick, NY

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